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Pacific Lake Partners

Search Fund

Pacific Lake Partners are a long-term partner for the entire search fund journey. They have partnered with over 200 search fund entrepreneurs and thus understand the search and the proven method to find a great company in a growing industry. Pacific Lake Partners can accelerate your search through Searcher Workshop (2-day intensive workshop on searching best practices), Industry Search (designing and executing a successful search), Full-time Support and Pacific Lake University (documents, templates, and videos on what matters most).


The firm is also qualified to help you pay the right price: they give sellers confidence in your ability to close, can help nail the negotiations with effective role playing, determine a fair price and transaction structur, understand the business and the growth opportunities, learn faster with market insights from decades of experience, build a financial model and analyze customer cohorts, and connect with qualified third party providers for debt, technical diligence, and accounting diligence.


At the early operations stage, Pacific Lake Partners is ready to help too, through: Board Support (they serve on 25+ search fund boards and have capacity for the future), Special Adviser Program (access to experienced operators and industry experts as board members and advisers), Early Operator Sprints (on-site tactical sprints to help you quickly solve a pressing issue), CEO development (tactical suggestions and advice as you learn how to successfully operate as a new CEO) and Templates and Resources.


Finally, Pacific Lake Partner can help develop and implement a growth strategy through: Value Creation Team (full-time team dedicated to helping CEOs scale their business faster), CEO Roundtables (learn from experienced CEOs and peers at an intimate gathering as you pursue personal and professional growth), and Executive Leadership Program (leverage the network of high potential recent MBAs for senior management positions).

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