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Prop Tech

Enertiv is the single platform upon which commercial real estate portfolios streamline their building operations.

Enertiv drive NOI growth by bringing a data-first approach to operational workflows such as maintenance and repairs, energy management, tenant billing, CapEx forecasting, and more. The Enertiv Platform is trusted by the industry’s leading portfolios because of demonstrated ability to deliver solutions for any building, regardless of age, type, or systems in place.

Enertiv aim to deliver the fastest time to value in the industry through low installation costs, intuitive software built off of 5 billion hours of asset performance data, and a client success team of data scientists and building engineers.

The Enertiv Platform is a data-first and modular suite of solutions for every stakeholder involved in building operations:

  • Portfolio Transparency & Forecasting for owners and asset managers to quickly understand the costs associated with running their portfolio and make data-driven forecasts

  • Virtual Triage for operations managers and engineers who need to support their assets without physically being on site.

  • Data-driven Task Lists for on-site operators and maintenance vendors to follow to ensure equipment uptime, reduce costs, prioritize effectively, and automatically verify completion

  • Automated Tenant Submeter Billing for property managers who are frustrated with the time and costs involved in manual meter readings and inefficient billing processes

  • Actionable Energy Insights for sustainability managers to identify, quantify, implement, and verify no-cost optimizations and high impact retrofits based on equipment-level data.

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