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Renewable Energy

Established in late 2011, Dearman is developing a suite of zero-emission technologies, powered by the expansion of liquid air or nitrogen.

The technologies have applications in refrigerated transport, the built environment and commercial vehicles, such as city buses. Across these applications, Dearman technologies deliver significant cost and fuel savings to the operator, and environmental benefits to the local area.

Dearman delivers more than excellence in engineering. In-house techno-economic analysis and expertise in business economics are central to the comprehensive services the company can provide. Dearman’s multi-disciplinary teams are able to understand the challenges facing customers – cost reduction, environmental responsibility or licence to operate. The teams’ expertise are geared to helping customers to meet their needs in the most cost-effective and environmental way possible.

With a deep network across industry and academia, Dearman is working from the world’s first custom built Dearman Clean Cold & Power Technology Centre in London to effect systemic change in the way cold and power is provided globally.

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